Who I’ve Played

by Kenny Eller on December 6, 2010

My goal is to play against the best players, to help me get ready for my 1-on-1 match-up with the greatest basketball player EVER…Michael Jordan!

This is who I’ve played thus far in my journey to play Michael Jordan:

-Akeme Smart (7’3″ High School Senior at Impact Basketball) (Click Here for Video) [Date Played: 11/3/10]

Me, Akeme Smart, Matt Hiller (Impact Basketball)

Me, Akeme Smart, Matt Hiller

-Robert Brown (6’4″ High School Senior SG at Hargrave Military Academy | Ranked #25 SG and #84 Overall in the Nation by ESPN) (Click Here for Video) [Date Played:  11/26/10, 3/30/11 & 6/26/11]

Me and Robert Brown (Virginia Tech)

Me and Robert Brown

-Scott Spencer (6’3″ Former Shooting Guard at Concordia University of Ann Arbor) (Click Here for Video) [Date Played:  1/9/11]

Scott Spencer (Concordia)

Scott Spencer

-Garfield Blair (6’5″ Jamaican National Team Starting Shooting Guard) (Click Here for Video) [Date Played:  4/27/11]

Me and Garfield Blair

-Andy Gebru (6’4″ Professional Basketball Player for team Sorocaba in Brazil) (Click Here for Video) [Date Played: 6/19/2011]

Me and Andy Gebru

Me and Andy Gebru

**I’m looking to play the best!

***If you’re a top high school, college, or NBA player and want to play me 1-on-1 and HELP ME get better, GO HERE!