Wasting Time

by Kenny Eller on February 13, 2013

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After taking in the farmer’s market in downtown Clermont on Sunday afternoon, my wife and I walked down to the nearby lake.  We walked to spend time together.  We walked to enjoy the gorgeous weather that is a permanent resident of Central Florida.

That simple leisurely stroll ended up sending a jolt through me that I never expected.

Once we arrived at the lake, we decided to make our way down the wooden pier laying itself over the slight ripple of the water.  We proceeded until we came upon an older couple with several fishing poles set up to catch the water’s best swimmers.

A bit inquisitive after seeing such a set up, I asked, “Catching anything?”

I then received a response that has haunted me since the words crawled from the elderly man’s mouth.

Seemingly stuck somewhere between pause and play, he said with a sandpaper tone, “No, not really.  It’s a little too windy.  Just wasting time.

Bothered, I nodded and we continued to walk, all while those words “wasting time” beat my brain like a Jordan jumper on continuous replay.

Now along the walkway beside the beach, my wife and I took a seat on a wooden bench under the shade of a large oak tree.

We talked, we laughed and enjoyed the time together.

Still “wasting time” had cornered my thoughts.

I wanted to SCREAM at him.

I wanted to tell him that I would take his time, for which he seemed to care little about.

I wanted to tell him that many people were on their death beds praying for just a few more moments.

I told myself that I can never allow my outlook to darken to the point where I’m wasting.

And then perhaps the part of the interaction that made me the most upset was that I knew deep down that I, like him and so many, am guilty of wasting time as well.

That has to end, for me and for you.

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Karol Gajda February 13, 2013 at 9:32 am

Could be that the gentlemen’s definition of “wasting time” and your definition are different. It could be said that I waste a lot of time as well. I go on “unnecessary” 1-2 hour walks around the city almost every day. It gives me a chance to think in relative peace and quiet while also exploring the city a bit. From the outside it might look like a waste, and I might even call it that if asked to define it on the spot, but truthfully it’s necessary for me to have that thinking time. Maybe that’s what that man was doing when he was “wasting time.” Maybe it’s a poor choice of words, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t get any personal benefit from hanging out on the lake “catching” fish.


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller February 13, 2013 at 10:48 am

Or maybe you’re just making excuses. (old Jordan commercial)

The walking and fishing isn’t what I’m talking about. I found great value in my walk with Charissa. I think we all need to do things that bring us joy and clarity. I’m not in any way suggesting that those activities are a problem.

I would hope that he does enjoy fishing.

His choice of words was poor though and words are powerful.

As I stated in the post, the major issue I had was that I internally knew that regardless of his meaning of those words, I am guilty of wasting time and not maximizing my opportunities.

Too much waiting for tomorrow to be in better shape, be a better husband, brother, son, friend, and so on.

That is what I meant in reference to wasting time.


Justin February 13, 2013 at 7:24 pm

There is power in the tongue. Somewhere in that mans Psyche he thought he was “wasting” time or he would not have used that word. It is very important to be mindful and positive about all we do. As humans we do “waste” a lot of time either “waiting”, “worrying”, “wondering whats next”, “anticipating the future” or “analyzing the past” instead of enjoying the very moment we are in. The man could practice being present and mindful of what hes doing and maybe his answer would have been “Not yet, just enjoying my day.” I know I make it a point to never wait or waste time. If I am sitting somewhere for an appointment and the person Im meeting with says, “sorry for keeping you waiting”. I make it a point to say, “I was not waiting”. This way I stay mindful in everything I do. It becomes a spiritual practice and can bring much more joy to this journey we call life!!!. Good post Ken!!! Love You Bro.


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller February 13, 2013 at 8:01 pm

If I am sitting somewhere for an appointment and the person Im meeting with says, “sorry for keeping you waiting”. I make it a point to say, “I was not waiting”.


Agree with everything you wrote. Words link directly to your thoughts and feelings. Many fail to understand this as unfortunately being positive is less popular than being cynical.

For almost two years, I have walked into my office and greeted everyone with enthusiasm. I ask them how they are doing and their response is almost always something less than wonderful. When they ask me, I let them know I’m “great” every single time. I picked that up from my buddy Dave Hopla. He helped me understand that where I’m going starts with my thoughts and carries through with my words and then to my actions.

For me the interaction was just a reminder that I have such an amazing opportunity in life. I stay positive daily, but don’t always maximize my opportunities. I’m back to working on that.

Appreciate the support bro!

ps: this means when we play hoops, I will be even better haha 😉


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