Michael Jordan & Me (Our 2nd Meeting!) + Being Treated Like a Criminal & The Power of Belief!

by Kenny Eller on January 23, 2012

The G.O.A.T. aka Michael Jordan

Before I get into this post I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the UCF Knights Men’s Basketball program on a thrilling win versus Memphis this past Wednesday evening!

Everything from the atmosphere in the stands to the final play was electric!

Having said that…

I spent the majority of the game parked in my seat in the suite; more than slightly offended and extremely frustrated by how I was treated when I arrived at the arena.

I’ve been to enough games this year (I have season tickets) to allow for the handful of people that work on the suite level to know me and say hello.  It’s really such a small grouping of people, that it only makes sense that we get to know one another.  Because of that closeness, it makes for a pleasant evening most of the time.

However on Wednesday night, as I was making my way to my seat, I was approached and told specifically by UCF security that I was not allowed to even attempt to speak or interact with Michael Jordan at all!  The lady in charge of security on my side of the arena told me that she had been warned about me!

Huuuuuh!?!?! (like Kanye West says it)

Now I could spend the next few minutes detailing every bit of how ridiculously inappropriate and uncalled for, the conversation was with UCF security.  I could thoroughly detail how they made me feel like some sort of criminal (no I’m not exaggerating) and how a large part of me never wants to attend another game (I’m an alum btw), but that would be exactly what negativity wants.

Instead I’ll focus on the positive, because in the end good did win! Contact with MJ for the second time was made (read about first interaction here), albeit short, and not exactly as I would have liked!

Tangent Time:  My experience on Wednesday evening is a classic example of obstacles I face every single day on this journey.  While I really don’t believe it should be this difficult, the truth is, any time you’re pursuing something of true value, roadblocks are going to be running rampant and you must maintain the proper mindset in which to handle them.

A lot, make that most people, would have let what happened in the beginning of the night keep them from moving forward, but I worked through it with kindness, because I refuse to be limited.

OK, on to the good stuff!

MJ and me

I had thought for a couple of weeks that Jordan may be at the Memphis game, due to his Charlotte Bobcats being in town to play the Orlando Magic the night before.  When I got to the game at UCF on Wednesday night, I realized that I was absolutely correct.

Still, I really didn’t know what I would say to him this time if the opportunity did arise.

Keep in mind; there is nothing “normal” at all about the circumstances.  I’m basically trying to speak to someone coming or going with a purpose, in an environment where they’d (mini-cops) rather I not try at all.

It’s not ideal and definitely not comfortable or even an acquaintance of easy.

After discussing with a buddy during the game, I decided to ask MJ what he thought about this site and what I’m looking to accomplish, which is to play hoops with him of course.

Sure enough after UCF’s come from behind win, opportunity came a knocking again.  This time just like last, as Jordan was leaving.

Michael Jordan Spoke To Me!

As Jordan passed, walking side by side with Ahmad Rashad (I wanted to ask Ahmad to say, “My Main Man!!!” but I refrained, haha!), I fired away my question.  Well kind of.

I asked with a mix of excited confidence, “Did you get a chance to check it out!?”

With that signature Jordan half smile/head nod, he responded, “Yeah man, that was a really good…”

At this point I honestly thought my dream was about to come true!  With seconds seeming like minutes, I thought, WOW he checked out the site and LOVES IT!

Then he completed his sentence with, “…game!”

With just a few more steps, he was gone.

I had spoken to Michael Jordan again for the second time in a little over a month, even though it didn’t go exactly as I would have liked!

Do You Really Believe?

When it’s smiles, high fives, kind words and barge ships full of support, maintaining belief in what you’re doing is easy.

The true test comes when you’re in an environment that isn’t conducive to success.  When doubt and resistance flex their debilitating muscles and push back, the only way you will be able to continue to push forward is if you truly BELIEVE in what you’re doing!

Sure I could have done a better job in the few seconds I had with MJ.  I could have been better prepared and much more specific (I was very upset that I wasn’t), but there was never any doubt in my mind that I would ask him something!

While I believe ignorance is the reason I was approached by security that evening, I have no problem with educating.

I told the security person, respectfully, that what they are attempting to do to me is a microcosm of what is wrong in society.  People are so quick to say NO without investing any time to see if YES is a possibility.

I told her that what I’m doing is great!  That it’s about showing others that anything is possible with faith and hard work!

You see, no is easy.  It flows.  It’s everything most people are, void of hope.

So if you don’t really believe, people will stop you in your tracks.

Good thing for me, I’ve got an Earth sized bag full of belief I carry around everywhere.

Until I hear NO from the mouth of Michael Jordan himself, I will continue on.  Even then, if that were to happen and no part of me believes it will, I’d most likely ask him to reconsider!

No one said this was going to be easy!

me vs. MJ…the worthwhile journey continues!  Thank you for following along!


Note:  While the Knights’ mini-cops seem to have it out for me, not all those at UCF have gone off the deep end and for them I am thankful!  You know who you are! Please know that I appreciate you! 


34 of 36 from 3pt Land (Back To Working On My Game!)

So I never really posted about it on here, but I tweaked my knee a month or so ago during training and that has kept me off the court and from working on my legs.

Thankfully and I mean THANKFULLY it was just a mild strain and nothing too serious.  Big shout out to my man Justin Cobb for getting me back on track quickly!  (I may post more on this later, because the story will blow your mind!)

Being out, I couldn’t wait to get back on the court and get some work in, which I did Thursday morning, ending my workout by making 34 of 36 three-point attempts, including 20 threes in a row!

I can’t wait to get my leg strength back so I can translate that into games!

I know you see me Mr. Jordan! 😉  Swish, swish…let’s get this game on!


Connect:  Twitter (@KennyEller) and mevsMJ.com Facebook Fan Page.

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Risa Garner January 24, 2012 at 9:00 am

Great job Kenny! Stay strong and keep pushing forward. I truly believe that your journey is bigger than playing basketball with the great MJ! You empowering everyone who knows your story….giving them the okay to have faith, hope, and dreams…and that it is okay to go after them! You are getting closer….excellent!!!


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller January 24, 2012 at 5:53 pm

Thank you so much Risa! Will do!!!! 😀


sylvia mercado May 21, 2014 at 5:01 pm

wow i can’t belive u met mj i wish i was u cause are so awsome i home i can see u agin at dillard street elmentree .i am in mrs.hulchers claas if you want to talk more. i am nine years old and i am your BIGGEST FAN IN THE WORLD .if u see mj agin tell i said hi and you are so cool .i wonder if u can com to dillard and tell some more about your journy and about mj . tell your brother great job on his rap vidios. thank you can u tell dillard more mj and you because i love your stories a lot by the way you are so cool.


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller May 21, 2014 at 6:14 pm


Thank you very much for your kind words and message! I would be happy to come talk with your class anytime. Just have your teacher email me and we can make it happen!

The next time I see MJ, I will be sure to tell him that you said hello:) I’m sure he would say hello back and enjoy meeting you!

I will also pass along your message to my brother about his rap videos. I’m sure it will mean a lot to him.

Thank you again! You are awesome!

PS: Don’t wish you were me. You were created to be amazing! You may change the world one day! Anything Is Possible with Faith & Hard Work! I believe in you!!!


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