Operation NBA Body (B Meyer Training – Week 1 + Test Results)

by Kenny Eller on November 22, 2011

Coach B Meyer at his B Meyer Training Facility

So last week, as you may have seen in Saturday’s post, I began individual performance training at the B Meyer training facility in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

If you didn’t see Saturday’s post, Coach B Meyer has been featured in Men’s Health, USA Today, and ESPN to name a few and is the performance coach for many professional athletes, including the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard.  It’s safe to say this is the real deal!

Through my first four sessions it has been an unbelievable experience!

Truthfully, I’m not really a morning person or a “working out” person (besides running and court work), but over the past week I’ve been so excited to wake up at 5am and go workout with Coach B and his program coach Dave Rubin that I almost can’t sleep the night before!  I’m thrilled because I know I’m getting better!

Last week I was scheduled for two sessions, but then on Friday morning because I was so amped, I sent Dave the following text, “Man, I wanna workout today!”

I really didn’t expect anything from that but within a few minutes Dave had made time for me in his schedule so that I could come by and get some work in!

That to me is an example of, as my buddy Andy says, “Good people!”

It’s the best feeling to have people that want you to improve as much as YOU want to improve and that’s what I’ve got with Dave and Coach B!

I’m thankful, for sure!

Initial Test Results

So I did a series of tests on Friday, ranging from vertical jump to 300 yard shuttle, so that I could track my improvement over the period of training and I thought I would share the initial results:

Vertical:  23.6 inches (no steps, just straight up)

Max Push-Ups:  30

Max Suspension Pull-Ups:  15

Broad Jump:  6’10”

300 Yard Shuttle:  1:12

Measurement of waist at belly button:  32 inches

Measurement two inches above belly button:  32 inches

Due to me not working out at all prior to last week (besides running and playing hoops as previously mentioned), I’m satisfied with the initial results and know that I will see great improvement as I continue to get stronger!

Operation NBA Body is in full effect!

me vs. Michael Jordan…the journey continues!  I’m getting ready!

Are you Mr. Jordan? 😉


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dani November 22, 2011 at 7:49 am

operation NBA body… love it!! haha :) what a cool experience! Im beyond excited to follow you on this journey!! :) post some vids!


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller November 22, 2011 at 8:05 am

Thanks Dani! Yeah, I’m super pumped;-) I’ll see what I can do about getting some video in the coming weeks! If Coach B and Dave are cool with it, you can expect to see it soon! Great idea!!!! 😀

Thanks for the comment!!!!


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