Who Are YOU Competing With?

by Kenny Eller on October 13, 2011

Most of the time, it's just me against me

A week ago, as part of my basketball workout, I set out to make 100 NBA three pointers while logging my shooting percentage, Dave Hopla style.

Shooting NBA range threes isn’t something I typically work on in my normal shooting workouts, as I have always felt until every other shot is as money as a lay-up, why move further out.  Makes sense right!?!

Then I challenged former NBA sharpshooter Damon Jones and my rationale changed.

I knew if Damon had actually shown up that our shooting contest would have been from his comfort zone, the NBA three point line, not the high school line for which I usually practice.

Knowing I wasn’t truly prepared for such a challenge, I got back to Florida (see recent trip), received my NBA ball (more on this in another post) and headed to the gym to see where I currently stood from 23’9”, pro basketball land.

That day I made 100 of 164 (61%) from NBA range.  My best rack was 10 of 13 and my worst happened twice, a dismal 10 of 20.

I left the court knowing that I had plenty of work to do, having seen a tweet from D. Jones earlier saying that he had shot 83% from the same distance during his workout.

Compliments and Surprise

Over the days that followed I mentioned to some coworkers, when asked if I had played any basketball over the weekend, that I had worked on shooting more than playing and shared my shooting percentage, which I wasn’t all that pleased with.

On each occasion before I could further explain, I heard, “Wow, that’s amazing!” and “That’s crazy good!”

I don’t know why, but their responses really surprised me.

Maybe the surprise has to do with the fact that I really wasn’t fishing for compliments or all that pleased with my performance.  I suppose it also has to do with my scope, of late.  During this journey that is mevsMJ.com, I have definitely lifted my level of expectations for myself by immersing myself amongst the pros.

Because of that, my evaluation of my performance was far below theirs.

Competing With Myself

Fairly or unfairly, I now compare my performance with pro athletes when it comes to basketball.

I must.

Being a better shooter or player than the average person will do absolutely nothing for me on this journey.

This is about being the best that I can be!   Why can’t I shoot like an NBA guy or even better?

At this point, for me, it is about competing with myself!

Who Are YOU Competing With?

Is it YOU vs. the smartest kid in your class or the brightest person in the World?

YOU vs. the best basketball player in your school or Michael Jordan?

YOU vs. your peers or those your same age making global impact?

YOU vs. others or YOURSELF?

How good GREAT can YOU be?

It all depends on who you are competing with….


Road to 100 Free Throws In A Row (Update):

This past Sunday I improved on my previous high of 45 free throws in a row and made 47.  That still leaves me 53 short of my goal of 100 in a row, but I’m getting closer!

In The News!!!

Rohb Jennings of Fan2Athelete.com was kind enough to do a write up on my journey, entitled:  The Eller Factor

If you haven’t had time to read it yet, please do!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Risa October 13, 2011 at 8:13 am

Great blog post today! I am just amazed by you each day! Thanks for being such an inspiration. You prove to others that if you really want something you make it happen. We all get stressed, busy and side tracked in day to day life. If we remember what really makes us tick and gets us pumped….the rest is just “stuff”. I am so proud of you and how far you have come. I can’t wait for the day, it will be sooner than later, that MJ is begging to have you play him!!! Have a super Thursday!


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller October 13, 2011 at 8:56 am

Thank you do much Risa for your encouragement and kind words! You rock!!!


Karol Gajda October 13, 2011 at 9:49 am

Kenny, this is huge. It’s something everybody struggles with in many capacities of life and it can also cause serious problems.

It’s similar to the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. If we’re always comparing ourselves to somebody else then we’re never happy. Which is why you weren’t pleased with your performance, but other people were. You were comparing yourself to an NBA sharp-shooter while they were comparing you to their own skills.

If you had compared your performance this past weekend to 52 weekends ago you’d probably look at it like, “WHOA! I’ve improved so much.”

It’s obviously good to challenge yourself with pro level players, but at the same time, for sanity, it’s good to compare yourself to your own previous performances so you have a real barometer.

Congrats on hitting 47 FTs in a row!


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller October 13, 2011 at 6:43 pm

Man, awesome comment! Yeah, it is without a doubt something I struggle with at times. It’s tough not to get wrapped up and consumed in the environment in which you live, even if that home isn’t where the majority resides. Not speaking for anyone else, but for me, I enjoy the challenge of it all. It forces me to expand and to get better, but I can take it too far and like with this example, not even enjoy a performance that most would love to have.

Walking the wire. Learning along the way. Thankful for it all!

PS: Get some non slip shoes and let’s play again…MR WORKOUT MAN! Yeah, I read your updates haha!


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