Why Some, Not All, Have The “No Doubt” Mindset

by Kenny Eller on August 16, 2011

No one doubted MJ, including himself, when he took a game winner!

Up 8-1 in game two of our 1-on-1 match-up, I looked into the eyes of professional hoopster Andy Gebru and saw no doubt.

In games which the majority expects me to lose, the pressure is always on the pro to perform and ultimately to win.

Yet down substantially in a game to just 15 points, Andy was surprisingly calm as if he and panic had never been introduced.

The Experience Factor

All that we have to draw upon in challenging times is our life experiences.  When it comes to basketball, Andy has far more of those than I do and honestly against a much higher level of competition than myself.

Because of those experiences, he was never worried IF he would win the game.  He knew he would.  He had no doubt.

That is so powerful!

Imagine Having No Doubt

Imagine having no doubt.  Imagine being so confident in your abilities that your only option is success!

Playing against me, that’s exactly what Andy feels.  After playing against him and other players that’s now how I feel when I play regular people like myself.

In my natural grouping of players I have no doubt.  I actually hadn’t lost a game of 1-on-1 since playing Andy back in June until this past weekend against my bro (he knows me like a book!).

How To Gain The “No Doubt” Mindset

So how do I gain that same no doubt mentality when I play against high level and pro players?

For me the answer is simply, continue to expand my scope by playing against the best as often as possible until the unknown is known.  Every time I step on the court against a guy who gets paid to play, that’s exactly what I’m doing.  I’m learning!  I’m getting closer to no doubt!  I’m getting prepared for Michael Jordan!

If you apply the same principals against the very best in whatever field or endeavor you’re in or pursuing, you too can gain the no doubt mindset!  You too can have success be your only option!

It may not come right away, but it will come.  Put in the work.  Challenge yourself.

Anything is very possible, but you must take the first step and place yourself in the position for your goals to be met!

me vs. MJ…my journey to play Michael Jordan continues!  As always, thank you for following along and for spreading the word!

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Charissa Eller August 18, 2011 at 11:53 am

I think this is really pertinent to work! I don’t always have this mindset, but I’m getting there;-)


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller August 18, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Yeah, applicable to all things! 😀 It’s tough to always think this way, but possible! I’m going to beat a pro!!!


Jonathan August 21, 2011 at 10:46 pm

This principle is why I always try to work with people who are smarter than me; so I can learn from them. I don’t usually want to be the smartest guy in the room because then I won’t improve as much.


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller August 8, 2012 at 7:50 am

I don’t know how I didn’t reply to your comment last year, but I so agree! What is funny is that I was having this EXACT conversation with someone two days ago. Being surrounded by people that are better than you makes you stretch and grow. Very on point!

Thanks for the comment…a year later! :-/


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