Greatness Is One Selfish Bastard!

by Kenny Eller on August 25, 2011

Greatness is a rough walk

Have you ever gotten close to greatness?

I mean so close that you could extend your hand and introduce yourself?

I have.

Greatness is one selfish bastard!

It wants all of your time. It wants to be number one in your life.

If you seek it out, greatness will show you what it takes to live in its world and it may even give you a taste of the “great” life.

I’ve rushed to the gym the last five days in a row like a crackhead looking for another fix. I don’t just like hearing the ball swish through the net without touching the rim, I crave it. I can’t get enough.

With my feet, knees and lower back begging for relief I keep after greatness one shot followed by another until my soul is soaked with effort.

I replay every move that has beaten me in my 1-on-1 match-ups until it’s mine. I run faster and shoot quicker with imaginary defenders trailing my every move until they tire and retreat.

Greatness is the illegitimate child of a passionate woman and a ‘me first’ man.

At some point in every person’s life they chase greatness for a bit. Most stop running after only a few steps because being in a relationship with the great one will strip you down and leave you naked. It’s a tireless journey that few have the will to withstand.

Some experience its glory and others learn early on that the fame it can lend to you isn’t worth the sacrifice.

Greatness doesn’t even blink. Instead it moves on to the next in search of its needed love, never remembering your name or that you even dated.

I’ve seen Michael Jordan take left handed jumpers that mirrored the perfection of his strong hand. I’ve seen Dominque Wilkins jab step with both feet so well that you’d have no idea which way he preferred.

In their pursuit of the absolutely gorgeous “G” when they mastered one aspect of the game, greatness said now master this. Hungry at its core, greatness settles only at perfection.

It’s not for everyone.

If you’re ready to choose it over time with friends, movies with your spouse, dinners with your family, as I have, then you might have a chance to call it yours one day.

The cringing truth is that in order to know it well, something must be sacrificed and that can’t be your time in pursuit.

Maybe you have an endless amount of hours and no one or thing will ever feel neglected in your chase. More than likely though, you’ll do as I do and spend your time praying that others understand and move forward regardless.

With sweat escaping from my face and dripping off my finger tips I paused as a young man approached me the other day and said, “Man, you’re really good at basketball!”

After a quick thank you, I was nudged by the selfish bastard and reminded that I’m not good enough…yet.

Back to work I went. Back to work I go.

With all due respect, I’m coming for you Mr. Jordan!

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Charissa Eller August 25, 2011 at 5:08 pm

I really like this post. Speaks a lot of truth and I know where you are coming from!


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller August 25, 2011 at 6:58 pm

Thanks! Anyone chasing greatness is dealing with this no matter how they might try not to admit it. Thanks for getting it! :-)


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