The Best Don’t Get Tired (Me vs. Robert Brown-Round 3)

by Kenny Eller on June 28, 2011

Robert Brown driving to the basket at Hargrave!

Robert Brown driving to the basket at Hargrave!

He faked right, crossed over left, lowered his shoulder and exploded to the rim. It was game point, in game number three this past Sunday and Robert Brown, one of the top basketball players in the country (#80 by ESPN/#54 by Bob Gibbons), was about to freeze the gym.

Just one long stride past me and into the lane and he was in the air for what would be an emphatic windmill slam-dunk finish to our day. As the ball, seeming to weight at least 1,000 lbs, crashed to the hardwood court, I could feel all eyes of a fairly packed gymnasium looking our way.

The gym full of kids and young men hoping to one day fly in Brown’s shoes had just witnessed what I’ve experienced up close and personal during our last five of seven games over the past six months.

Honestly, I was just as amazed as they were. Every single time we play, usually a few months apart, he comes back even better than the time before, with something new added to his arsenal of moves.

Sunday he unveiled his deep 27-foot range and his wicked step back jumper going either way from three-point land to go along with some monstrous dunks.

He once again showed myself and every one watching, the reason Hokie Nation is beyond excited to see him step on the court next year for Virginia Tech.

In case you were wondering, Robert improved his record to a perfect 7-0 against me, but I had a blast and I got better! 😀

The Best Don’t Get Tired

Each time I face a professional basketball player or a top tier talent like Robert Brown, at the foundation of all skills and athletic ability is premier conditioning.

They don’t get tired!

Against pretty much anyone else that I play basketball with, that has a job or doesn’t do basketball for a living, my conditioning is really good. It’s actually usually far superior to theirs and that HELPS GREATLY when we play.

BUT…when I match-up with guys who get paid or will get paid one day, it’s a different story.

As Robert and I talked after the games and shooting work, he explained to me just how important the conditioning aspect is to his game. He shared that when he first got up to Hargrave Military Academy, running suicides was tough, but by the time the season was over, running 25 suicides in 40 seconds or under with at 20 second break in between was nothing for him. In fact on one occasion they had even run 50 of them, to go along with practice of course.

So with that in mind and a craving to improve, I slipped on my shoes and went to the court yesterday morning just to see where I currently stood.

25 Suicides (A New Personal Mission to Improve My Conditioning)

Basketball Suicides Diagram

Basketball Suicides (Diagram)

After 12 minutes and 43 seconds of pushing myself, I was making my way to the bench located just to the left of the court. I needed a break! I needed water! I needed Oxygen!

13 suicides, each in 40 seconds or less with a 20 second break, had me spent and dripping with effort.

I sank down on the hard metal bench, pulled in as much air as possible, and thought about how much more explosive I would be when I got to my new goal of 25 suicides.

Every Day Until 25!!!

To make sure that I maximize my potential, I am committing myself to running suicides every day until I reach my goal of 25 suicides in 40 seconds or less.

Of course I have no idea exactly how long this process will take, but I guess I’ll soon find out! :-)

Thank You Mr. Brown!

Most likely the next time I see Robert Brown, I’ll be sitting somewhere in Cassell Coliseum in Blacksburg, Virginia. I’ll be there to cheer on and support the young man who was the first BIG name to say yes and agree to help me on my journey here at I’ll be thrilled to watch him show the rest of the World what he can do, but I won’t be surprised. I’ve seen his amazing game up close and personal.

For that, Robert Brown, I say THANK YOU!

Now go show Virginia Tech what you can do!

Note: I apologize for not getting video once again of our match-up this past Sunday. All I can tell you is the initial video of me playing Robert Brown doesn’t do him justice. Like I suspected, the first time we played he was just cruising. The last five times we’ve played he has upped the intensity and I wish you could see the difference, as I have. I guess we will just all have to wait and see next year when he suits up for Virginia Tech!

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Charissa Eller June 28, 2011 at 8:04 am

Conditioning is so important! Once you get to your goal I am sure you will see a significant change in your game:-)


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller June 28, 2011 at 8:15 am

Totally agree! Pretty excited about it! :-)


dani June 28, 2011 at 3:24 pm

keep it up! a good conditioning workout will def increase your overall endurance! :) cant wait to hear about your progress! :)


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller June 28, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Thanks Dani! I can’t wait to see the difference as well! 😀


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