The Power of Shipping

by Kenny Eller on February 22, 2011

Are you SHIPPING or just filling up boxes????

Three posts ago, on February 10th, I posted the following [To the Partner of a Dreamer (a short letter)] and the response both surprised and humbled me.

The truth is, I thought it was one of the worst things I had written to date.  While the initial idea was there, I just couldn’t seem to get exactly what I wanted out of the effort.  As I was almost finished, I got up, walked into the family room and told my wife, this one (post) is struggling.  She asked if I was ready for her to read it, as she always proofs my posts before I schedule them, but I told her there was no need.  I wasn’t proud of it.

I went to bed and set my alarm for an hour earlier than usual, hoping that when I woke up I would have a fresh mind and somehow be able to fix the less than stellar attempt that would then be only a couple of hours from going live.  The alarm went off, I got up, sat in front of my computer and stared at the screen.  I couldn’t come up with anything.  My wife went ahead and read it 5 minutes before it was published and reassured me it was good, with her usual, “It’s really good!” tag.  I shook my head, sorry that I couldn’t have done a better job, closed my laptop and went to work.

Then it happened.

One retweet, then another, then a feature in a post, then another rt, and another and another and another.  The post that I felt was one of my weakest showings was quickly climbing the all time viewed list.

One reader called it probably his favorite post I’ve done.  Another said they loved it!  I was blown away.

If my hard drive hadn’t crashed (yes, I know I need to backup) the week before, and I had a back up post ready, I would have probably used it instead.

If I didn’t have it drilled in my head to “post on schedule” I probably would have skipped Thursday’s posting.

Both of those would have been a mistake.

In less than two weeks, the grouping of words that I wouldn’t have published has become the 5th most viewed post in this site’s 6th month existence.

The point is, sometimes we have no clue the impact we will have on others.

While I still don’t feel it is one of my top five writings or even close, it’s not for me to judge.  You, the readers do that part.

My part is to do my very best each and every time to make an impact and ultimately, as Seth Godin says, SHIP!

Are you a SHIPPER or do you just like to box things up?  There is a Grand Canyon sized difference between the two.



Happy 6th Month Anniversary!!!

Today marks exactly 6 months since I hit the publish button on the first post and this site went live.  I’ve got to tell you, I’m proud of what has been accomplished thus far and BEYOND excited to share with you what is coming up next.

The upcoming plans are going to be BIG!  Stay tuned and THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT, LOVE, and ENCOURAGEMENT!

Every time someone takes the time to read one of my posts, make a comment, RT, or Facebook Like, it really does mean the world to me.  THANK YOU!

Here is to what is ahead!!!


Injury Update

Last Friday I went for my first session of rehab (see injury) and let me tell you, it was paaaaaaaiiiiiinfuuullll!

The specialist used a series of tools to scrape down on the muscle fibers and break up the scar tissue.  I left feeling like my leg was in worse shape, but after some extensive icing and stretching, the next day it did feel a little better and continued to improve throughout the weekend.

Saturday, I strapped on my Jordans for the first time in three weeks and drove to the rec center to take some free throws and do some dribbling.  While I still have pain and am not allowed to attempt to jump or run, it was just nice to be back out there.

I went back to therapy on Monday morning and went through some more pain, but I am feeling so much better than I did a week ago.

I’m not sure exactly how long it will be until I’m cleared or even confident to push myself, but I’ve come a long way and that is a blessing!

As always thanks for your support!

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Bob Eller March 7, 2011 at 9:17 pm

So true. I have boxed many things in my life and only shipped a few. We put things in boxes for many reasons: to hold on to memories; to store things while they cannot be used; to protect things. Sometimes are talents are boxed in by the world around us. Shipping takes time. Gotta know where the box is going and who is ready to receive it. And heavy boxes require team-lifting.


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller March 7, 2011 at 9:36 pm

Greatness is found in those that ship. It’s the same as taking a shot in a basketball game. You can’t make it, if you don’t take it. If you don’t SHIP, your dream can never arrive.


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