I’m Quicker Than You! (A needed change in perspective)

by Kenny Eller on February 8, 2011


He’s NBA quick!

In a conceding tone, that’s how a buddy of mine described my brother’s quickness on the basketball court to his nephew.  He told me so at a recent lunch we had together.  He had wanted to play two on two, since his relative was in town, but wanted to make sure his family member was aware of exactly what he would be facing.

I listened, smiled, agreed and enjoyed lunch.


My brother is the quickest person I’ve ever played against.

I don’t hear it as much anymore, but back when he played, people would warn others about his quickness.  Watch his first step, switch he’s too quick, wow he’s quick, damn he’s fast, FU#*, are just a few of the things I’d hear from others on the days I wasn’t guarding him.

The friend I had lunch with hasn’t played basketball with my brother in over five years, but when you’re really QUICK people notice and they never forget.


About three months ago I checked the ball in bounds and thought I heard someone say in reference to me, “Watch him, he’s quick!”

So caught off guard by what my ears were telling me, I held the ball, looked over, and asked the person to repeat what they had just said.

With a puzzled look, the guy repeated it and confirmed my hearing.  I began to laugh.

No person had ever called me quick!


In my scope of playing basketball I was never quick.  I grew up playing ball with my brother.  Trying to drive by him was like running into a brick wall.  No matter the move, and no matter how determined I was, it was rare if I ever beat him to a spot.  It’s like he knew where I was going before I even began.

Instead I learned to shoot and shoot well.  I was the shooter in my family of two basketball players.  I left the quickness for him.

I’m Quick?

Shortly after I had my first “he’s quick” encounter at the basketball court, I called my brother for a laugh and began telling him the story.

When I finished recounting the story for him he said, “You are quick!

He went on with, “besides me, how many people ever really stop you from getting somewhere on the basketball court?”

I thought about it and confirmed that no one really did.

He added, “and part of what helps me against you is the fact that I know your game better than anyone else ever will.  I know all of your tendencies.  I’ve seen it all so many times.”

I’m Quicker Than You!

What my brother shared with me made so much sense.  From that point on I changed the way I thought about my game and became quick!

Now, no matter the opponent, I go into it thinking that they can’t handle my quickness.

I’m QUICK!  Quicker than you!

Scope Abuse

I had unfortunately for most of my life mishandled the scope I had been given by being around such a quick player like my brother.

Instead of looking at it as, he’s really quick, but I’m quick too, I took the opposite approach.  I thought of myself as being slow.  I didn’t talk about it, but it’s how I felt.

My brother wasn’t only quicker than me, he was quicker than anyone else on the court on any day or night, but because he was my brother it seemed magnified to me.

It was probably like being Brad Pitt’s bro back when he was winning all of those best-looking man awards.  It would be hard to tell someone or accept that you’re handsome if BP was your bro.  Same thing with quickness.

I’m beyond that now!  Now I’m better looking than BP and QUICK!  Hahah! 😉

“Everyone’s Quicker Than Me”

A good friend of mine that I play basketball with weekly has been making that proclamation lately.  When figuring up match-ups he always closes with, “but everyone’s quicker than me.”

The last time we played (the day I got injured), I stopped him and shared my story.  I told him to stop saying that and instead tell himself, THAT HE IS QUICK!

The Power of Being Positive

In life, about quickness, through my injury, in business, it really is key to be positive.  If you are like I was and secretly limiting yourself or maybe worse speaking it aloud as my friend was, YOU HAVE TO STOP SPEAKING NEGATIVITY INTO YOUR LIFE!

Words and belief shape everything!  Just as being positive can change your world for the greater, negativity can be a nightmare.  Most of the time we don’t realize just how much we are hurting ourselves.

Self Check

What have you been limiting yourself on?  Remember, the thought process you take into what you do is a powerful one.

My example:  When I didn’t think I was quick, subconsciously it affected how I played the game.  It changed the way I would attack on offense, etc.  Likewise, now that I feel I am quick, I attack with passion.  I attack ready to finish, because I know I will get where I want to go. (Friendly Warning:  If you haven’t played with me lately, but did in the past, I’m different.)

I hope you will take some time today and think about this.  Change the way you think about things and like me, become quick in your own way!


Injury Update

So it’s been over a week since my injury.  I am now fully off of crutches and walking (with a small limp) a little faster each day.

I’m working on getting in to see a MAT specialist as described in Tim Ferriss’ new book, The Four Hour Body.  I’ll keep you updated as to how that process goes.

Other than that, I’m just thankful I’m recovering and so excited to get out on the court again.  Until then, I’ll continue to work on my ball handling skills on my back porch!

Bottom line, you can’t get rid of me that easily Mr. Jordan! 😉

Thanks again for all of the love and support!

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Marc Naugler February 8, 2011 at 11:37 am

Great Stuff, Kenny! One of the things that has kept me going recently was the H.S. reminding me that I’m not perfect, but I am GOOD! (you know what I’m talking about…)
For a while there all I wanted to believe was that I was bad. Nothing good was in me. That’s simply not true. Far from it.

As far as basketball goes…

I’m quicker than you. 😉
Can’t wait to see you back on the court, bro!


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller February 8, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Thanks Marc! You’re right that isn’t true! You are GOOD!

As far as basketball goes…no one is quicker than me! 😀

I can’t wait to get out there and play too! Thanks for the support man!


Charissa Eller February 8, 2011 at 10:48 pm

Love the positivity baby:-)


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller February 9, 2011 at 8:13 am

Thanks! 😀


Adam Nuttall February 9, 2011 at 5:27 pm

This is a great post Kenny.

Everybody could do with a little more positivity! Thanks for the reminder!

I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend, too!


Kenny Eller Kenny Eller February 9, 2011 at 5:34 pm

Thanks Adam! I appreciate the feedback!

Yeah, healing slowly but surely. Headed to see an orthopedic tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


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